Engine Repair Services

Maintaining your vehicle in these hard economic times is a challenge for many these days but, even after you have done everything to insure the life of your car and it’s safety by including regularity of service maintenance, you still could be faced with an internal engine issue. As our vehicles get older we generally are faced with some kind of engine malfunction even if only minor.

Autocraft Services has the experienced expert technicians you need to insure your engine continues to run efficiently. Why not call one of our expert advisers today for any engine repair service, question or need. We are here to help in an affordable hassle free environment! Ensuring your engine is running properly and safely is our top priority! Call AutoCraft Services today at 916-988-0279 in Orangevale, Ca. 95662 or contact us by email using our quick form on our home page.

Our internal engine services include:

  • Blown head gaskets
  • Valve grinds
  • Overheating
  • Mechanical noises
  • Engine overhaul and replacement
  • Custom engine rebuilding
  • Timing chains and timing belts
  • Oil leaks



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